Dr. Anisur Rahman's CV


Dr. Anisur Rahman is a Bangladeshi man.

Email: mdanisr(at)gmail.com or dranisr(at)aol.com


1. Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, University of Ulster, UK. 2006, October – 2010, December.

2.  M. Sc. in physics (nanoelectronic materials)

     National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore.

3.  M. Sc. in Nuclear Physics (first class first)

     Rajshahi University, Bangladesh. 1995 June- July 1997.

4.  B. Sc. in Physics (Honors.; first class second)

     Rajshahi University, Bangladesh.

5. H.S.C. in science, First division. Jessore board, Bangladesh. 1988-1989.

6. S.S.C. in science, First division. Jessore board, Bangladesh.

7. Non-Degree Certificate (Radiation control officer), Bangladesh Atomic energy commission, Bangladesh, 1999.

8. Non-Degree Certificate (Radiation protection and waste safety infrastructure), Ministry of health, Singapore, 2000.

9. Non-Degree Certificate (Radiation protection and safely program in industrial radiography), MINT, Malaysia, 1999.

Research Interests:

v  Materials science & engineering. Magnetic and carbon-based materials.

v  Growth and modification of diamond like carbon film by FCVA (with and without applying the pulse and DC biases) and PECVD systems.

v  Analysis of electronic- and bio-materials by using the RBS, AFM, XPS, DSC, VSM, Raman spectroscopy, ToF-SIMS, FTIR, XRD, SEM, EDAX, profilometer and four-point probe techniques.

v  Analysis and modification of biomaterials’ surface energy and its dispersive and polar components for especially proteins and cells attachments for various biomedical applications.

v  Silicides and germanides for ULSI applications.

Work experience and trainings:

1. Scientific officer and radiation control inspector (in nuclear safety and radiations control division) in Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, 1998 - 2001.

2. Research experience in physics, and materials science and engineering at NUS, Singapore, 2001- 2005.

3. Conducted tutorial, examination and laboratory demonstration for physics students at NUS, Singapore, 2002- 2004.

4. Worked as a part time teacher of materials science and engineering at the University of Ulster, UK, 2007-2009.

5. Conducting research on magnetic materials and Fe-based bulk metallic glasses (BMGs), teaching MSc and PhD students on materials science & engineering as associate professor at Tongji University, Shanghai, China, January 2013- present.


Honors & Awards:

1. Being a young scientist with  outstanding contributions in applied physics research, his biography is published in "Who's Who in Science and Engineering" and in "Who's Who in Asia", Publisher: Marquis Who's Who publications (USA).

2. Nominated by the International Biographical Centre (IBC), Cambridge, England as, "International Scientist of the Year for 2007."

3. Awarded "Zoha Gold medal ( RU, Bangladesh)" for outstanding performances in B. Sc (Honors) and in M. Sc.

4. The University grants commission scholarship, Bangladesh.

5. Research associate, University of New South Wales, Australia. 

6. The research scholar award, National university of Singapore.


Other skills:

Proficient in Microsoft office including the Word, FrontPage, Excel, Origin.

Huge handling experience with different scientific software to solve various problems.

Good knowledge and experience in the HTML, CSS and web design.

Expertise in protection of ionizing radiations.

Bangla /Bengali is native language.


Other Interests:

Enjoying site-seeing and visiting new place, watching football and cricket specially, reading and writing popular scientific articles, traveling, pondering on the existence of God (Allah in Arabic), the Universe and trying to realize from modern science perspective. Life mystery and spirituality: Why are we here, where will we go after death? We come here without our permission and we will die again without our permission so it is worthwhile and great joy to attempt to contact with the Creator.


If space-time is infinite without any boundary then our life cycles should also be infinite in various steps!? In that sense we are immortal too, we do not have a beginning nor an end but just we go from one step of development to another one! If anybody claimed that space-time has a boundary then he/she should tell what is beyond the boundary!


Scientific Publications:

v  Sp3 content in ta-C films vs pulse bias width to the substrate: A correlative structural analysis

 Md. Anisur Rahman, P. Maguire, S.S. Roy, R. McCann, F. McKavanagh, J.A. McLaughlin. Diamond & Related Materials, 18, 1343–1347 (2009).

v  Substrate effects on the microstructure of hydrogenated amorphous carbon films

Ahmad I, Roy SS, Rahman, Md A, Okpalugo TIT, Maguire PD, McLaughlin JAD, Current Applied Physics, 9, 937-942(2009).

v  Nanosized Metal Oxide and Nanobelts Prepared by Selective Dealloying of Ti-Based Amorphous Powders

Dong Jun Wang, Zhong Hua Li, Md. Anisur Rahman, and Jun Shen. Langmuir 29, 8108−8115 (2013).

v  Recurring effects of Cu addition on magnetic properties in Fe-based bulk metallic glasses

Anisur Rahman, Qiang Luo, Yunzhuo Lu, Jun Shen, Journal of Non- Crystalline Solids 422, 1-5 (2015).

v Corrosion and erosion–corrosion behaviour of activated combustion high-velocity air fuel sprayed Fe-based amorphous coatings in chloride-containing solutions

Y. Wang, Z.Z. Xing, Q. Luo, A. Rahman, J. Jiao, S.J. Qu, Y.G. Zheng, J. Shen, Corrosion Science, 98, 339–353 (2015).

v Structural and surface energy analysis of nitrogenated ta-C films

Md. Anisur Rahman , N. Soin, P. Maguire, R.D 'Sa, S.S. Roy, C.M.O. Mahony, P. Lemoine,  R. McCann, J.A.D. McLaughlin, Thin Solid Films, 520, 294– 301(2011).

v  Thickness dependent electronic structure of ultra-thin tetrahedral amorphous carbon (ta-C) films

Navneet Soin, Susanta Sinha Roy, Sekhar Chandra Ray, Patrick Lemoine, Md. Anisur Rahman, Paul D. Maguire, Sushanta K. Mitra, James A. McLaughlin, Thin Solid Films  520, 2909–2915(2012).

v     Suppression of oxidation in nickel germanosilicides by Pt incorporation

      Md. Anisur Rahman, Thomas Osipowicz, K. L. Pey, L. J. Jin, W. K. Choi, D. Z. Chi, D. A. Antoniadis,  E. A. Fitzgerald, D.M. Isaacson, Applied Physics Letters, 87, 182116 (2005).

v     Observation of a new kinetics to form Ni3Si2 and Ni31Si12  silicides at low temperature (200oC) 

       Md. Anisur Rahman, T. Osipowicz, D. Z. Chi, W. D. Wang, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 152(12), G900-G902(2005).

v     Effects of prolonged annealing on NiSi at low temperature (500oC)

       Md. Anisur Rahman, T. Osipowicz, D. Z. Chi, W. D. Wang, Journal of Electronic Materials, 34, 1110-1114 (2005).

v     Effect of Pt on agglomeration and Ge out-diffusion in Ni(Pt) germanosilicide

         L. J. Jin, K. L. Pey, W. K. Choi, E. A. Fitzgerald, D. A. Antoniadis, A.J. Pitera, M.L. Lee, D. Z. Chi,  Md. A. Rahman, T. Osipowicz, C. H. Tung, Journal of  Applied Physics, 98, 033520 (2005).

v     Enhanced low field magnetoresistance of Al2O3-La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 composite thin films via a pulsed laser deposition

        L. Yan, L. B. Kong, T. Yang, W. C. Goh, C. Y. Tan, C. K. Ong,  Md. Anisur Rahman, T. Osipowicz, M. Q. Ren, Journal of Applied Physics, 96, 1568-1571 (2004).

v     Ba0.1Sr0.9TiO3-BaTi4O9 composite thin films with improved microwave dielectric properties

       L. Yan, L. F. Chen, C. Y. Tan, C. K. Ong, Md. Anisur Rahman, T. Osipowicz, The  European Physical Journal B, 41, 201-205 (2004).

v     Epitaxial growth of co-doped Eu and Sm in a-Zn0.05Sr0.95S on (001)MgO substrate using a-MnS buffer layer

 K. L. Teo, C. Chen, T. C. Chong, Y. H. Wu, T. Osipowicz, Md. Anisur Rahman, Journal of Crystal Growth, 264, 58-63 (2004).

Conference Proceedings/Presentation

v  Higher sp3 content ta-C films produced by FCVA technique with optimised pulse bias width

 Md. Anisur Rahman, P. Maguire, S.S. Roy, R. McCann, F. McKavanagh, J.A. McLaughlin

19th Annual Conference of the Irish Plasma and Beam processing group (IPBPG), Conference proceedings of 28-29 May, 2009.



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