Why not any Hadith?


Many genuine Muslims have made wonderful contributions about this crucial topic. The following articles and links also provide a comprehensive understanding as to why a Muslim is not allowed to follow any hadith (hadis) besides the holy Quran as a source of religious guidance.


Why not any Hadith?

                               Quran, hadith, and Islam by Dr Rashad Khalifa

The History of hadith 1

The History of hadith 2

সত্য ইসলাম ধর্ম বনাম মুল্লাদের ধর্ম

Chinese Whispers

Obey Allah and Obey the Messenger

Are the collections of Bukhari and Muslim true teachings of the prophet?

Cases of corrupting Quranic truth

In the Messenger of Allah, we have an “Excellent Example”

The Qur’an was Muhammad’s only Revelation

Milat Ibrahim
Quran Alone

Beware! Sahih hadith even can kill you easily!!

Fifty times Salats per day, Sahih hadith!!

It is necessary to kill atheists!! Sahih hadith says!!

It is necessary to kill all Jews!! Sahih hadith says!!

Stoning to death for married person having illegal sex!! Sahih hadiths!!

Sahih hadiths wrong on sex determination!!

Prophet Muhammad was frightened due to Sun’s eclipse and..!

Unscientific, nonsense hadith makes “Islam” a laughing stock

Camel urine as medicine, Sahih Hadith!!

Due to Sun’s revolving around earth day and night is altering- Sahih hadith says!!

Prophet Ibrahim was a liar!! Sahih hadith says!!

Sahih hadith insults Prophet Moses



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